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I don't remember how to do an email entry with the LJ without using
flickr which is why we have a picture with each entry.

It's 6:30 am here, Andy and I are now morning people thanks to jet
leg. Yesterday we made more thank you postcards, Andy thinks we should
write all 180 cards during our honeymoon. I think he's crazy. Also
when he says "we should" it really means I should.

(Andy reads this and says: "you think are so funny" and I respond "if
you blog you can tell your side of the story")

So anyways, we found this small hole in the wall restaurant thanks to
Yelp. There were only 5 reviews but it was all good. A local grind as
Sara said. And the food was... Interesting. The Loco Moco had spam,
rice, gravy, Portuguese sausage, hamburger patty and bacon. The fried
rice has spam and I had the spam masubi: spam with sticky rice wrapped
in seawood. The spam masubi was really good. We had one at Burning Man
and it was bad.

We stopped by Paia which is a tiny hippie haven and then started the
road to Hana. The road to Hana is a major tourist attraction, it is 36
windy miles to Hana and there's so many waterfalls and gorgeous
scenary. We walked through "no trespassing signs" and holes in fences.

At one such place I slipped and cut my knee and my bag fell. But my
camera is fine, phew. My knee is fine too. I don't think my nice
camera is coming out tomorrow. I'm tired of worrying about it.

I became more careful after that but Andy just got more thrill
seeking. He started to go off trail more and more. At one point he
crossed on a viaduct with a "pretty unpleasantly deep" gorge on one
side. If I saw him do that I would have gotten sick. As it is, it left
Andy feeling alive and very present.

It took us 6 hours to do the road to Hana, and our lodging here is...
like paradise after touristy Lahaina. We had a room that after a $10
upgrade to avoid the parking lot view, and get a tiny snippet of the
beach view, was tiny with garbage trucks and bars. Here there is no
one. We got upgrades for free to the larger house, and have the whole
house to ourselves. There's flowers everywhere and a wide view of the
beach. Granted, there's not much to do here :) but it's so nice and

Tags: andy, hawaii, hiking, maui, vacation, wedding
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