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More Hana adventures

More Hana adventures, originally uploaded by dancingnadine.

I am so exhausted. It is 7:30 pm and we are home because we lost
daylight while hiking towards the red sand beach. It got really dark
and Andy and I argued over the safety of crossing in the dark in the
steep mountainside. We kind of got there but didn't get to the
real nice section. Also hiking mountainsides that has rope to guide
you is fun but scary.

The morning started with the black sand beach. I was the only person
swimming for most of it, it was really choppy waves and at one moment
I almost panicked because the shore seemed further then expected. But
I love swimming in the ocean. Andy just sunned most of the time.

We also explored the fresh water caves in that park.

After that we went to the Seven Sacred Pools, except they were neither
sacred nor seven. We did a 2 hour hike past a bamboo forest (that
sounded like wind chimes) to reach a really tall waterfall. I almost
didn't go but ended up finishing the trail. Earlier a ranger chastised
me for going to the infinity pool, so named because the pool water
goes over placidly into a fatal drop.

Andy proceeded to go to the pool anyways, and peeking over and scaring

After that Andy went on a motorized hangglide trip over the coast of
Maui which he said was unbelievable. I am not happy with heights so I
stayed home, tried to open a bottle of moscato we brought from Austin
and broke the handle of the wine opener. Sigh.

We had delicious BBQ for dinner before heading over to red sand beach
which also involved trespassing. We have the Maui Revealed handbook
which seems to help with the trespassing.

I wish we couldve stayed longer. But I took some great pics with my
nikon. In the meantime, my iPhone pics will have to suffice.

I am tired! I had envisioned seating by the beach while cocktails were
delivered to me. Must remedy this.

Tags: andy, hawaii, hiking, maui, vacation, wedding
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