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Crater and beach

Crater and beach, originally uploaded by dancingnadine.

We are at the four seasons now. It's amazing. When we arrived we got a
personal greeter who gave us leis and a drink, and our car and luggage
were whisked away. I got a personal art tour since no one else showed
up. The beach area is so awesome. The sand is like powder I love it so
much. I frolicked in the waves like a little kid for a while. I'm so
glad we saved this for the last, I wouldve been sad to go to lahaina
inn after this.

We started the day at Hana and drove the south side which was
windswept and stark. Giant cliffs and rocks constantly being beaten by
waves. We had a little sedan that made it through unpaved areas and
steep mountain-sides.

The south part of Maui is desolate, dry and sad looking. We drove to
the Haleakela (sp) crater and it was 10000 feet elevation. I wish we
had gone at sunset or night time to see the milky way.

We checked in at the four seasons and then dinner was at Izakaya
Matsu, in Kihei. Really good, authentic Japanese. They had rice balls
in seaweed with salmon and salted plum.

Then we drove to Lahaina and had some shaved ice (whose multicolored
food coloring freaks me out) and to buy some souvenirs. Then we saw
the Warren and Annabelle magic show.

Tags: andy, happy, hawaii, maui, vacation, wedding
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