ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

In the Heights

I saw "In the Heights" last night with the lovely Jenn Sartor.

I did not like it. I found myself bored and sleepy through the show. It's a shame, I love musicals in general.

Tonight I have 3 hours of rehearsal for my Musical Theatre show, which I've almost forgotten about. I know I've been dropped from at least one number, which is fair since I've been wedding planning and going to a honeymoon, and missing rehearsals. In hindsight, I should've told them that I didn't want to perform in this one since it was too close to the wedding. Ah well. I did make new friends, and learned some awesome choreography... which is really hazy in my mind right now. Oh dear. But the next 2 weekends will be completely consumed by musical theatre. And what I really want is some downtime after all the wedding hectic-ness. But in 2 weeks I should have far more free nights and weekends! Yay!

Then I can focus on taking ballet classes again.

I'm sending off my application to the Richmond Ballet Camp soon. This will be my 3rd year. I always have such a blast dancing for 8 hours a day. It makes my seretonin all happy.
Tags: dance, musical theatre, wedding
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