ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

dance rehearsal

I was a klutz at rehearsal last night. They started Billy Elliot's "Electricity" song, and the class divided into 3 groups. And I was confused and was pointed to one set of people, which turned out to be the hip-hoppers. Hip hop! I suck at hip-hop!!! But I learned the choreo once sometime back, and struggled through it. I think towards the end I almost got it.

I noticed my ability to pick up ballet/jazz choreography is improving, I've gone from terrible to average. Yay! I can now watch a dance a few times and pick it up, as opposed to a million times.

One of the assistants kept yelling that it looked like we were all marking the hip hop, instead of dancing it. And I'm like, hello, this is my 3rd time doing hip hop, so I don't have that Nasty (tm) down. Marking is what dancers sometimes do instead of dancing full out, to either conserve energy, not distract the primary rehearsers, or when being lazy.

Anyways, I did have a blast, despite rehearsal being 3 hours. And Danny choreographed 4 trust falls on me. I felt bad for my partner who had to catch me repeatedly.
Tags: dance, musical theatre
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