ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Slow down!

I got a speeding ticket. It was particular frustrating because I noticed a white car behind me, and I saw that the speed limit said 55, but I thought... it's I-35! It is normally 65 mph, and then the white car started flashing. If I knew it was a cop car, I would've stayed at 55, even though I'm on a 3 lane interstate that is normally 65.  I normally commute north on I-35, but was going South because of a team offsite.

I think they must have added the 55 mph speed limit recently, because I can't remember I-35 being lesser then 65 mph in Austin. Either that or it's usually always traffic there, so it was never a problem.

I was obviously caught in a speed trap, since there were many other cars that were pulled over earlier, according to my coworkers, but I just happened to have missed the cop cars and other signs (like everyone else being 55 mph). Sigh. There goes $163.

But it's okay, the Universe have been really generous to me lately. In fact, I got a Kitchenaid Mixer! I had a traditional registry that most people ignored in favor of the honeyfund. But if I was only going to put one thing there, it would've been the Kitchenaid Mixer. Also, Tom Booker got us the Ice-cream attachment! 

I am so excited about the Mixer! 

Baking to commence!

This reminds me of the Sex In The City episode where Carrie said, "I've never been married or had a baby shower, when do I get gifts??" Then invited her friend to a party of one, where she registered for just one pair of shoes. Her friend sent it :)

Today was offsite with the team at blazer tag, where I did pretty good. I came in 10th the first time, and 7th the second time in a party of 22. 

And I'm going to the Glee-sing-a-long tonight. So the day got better after the speeding ticket. Which I think was also the Universe telling me to chill.
Tags: friends, wedding
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