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Picking battles to fight.

Yesterday was boot camp and then a 7 hour rehearsal. Urk. There was an older lady there who lectured me on "being responsible", since I didn't realize I was in a scene. I told her I was at a wedding and a honeymoon, and never saw that scene before, so didn't know I was in it. Anyways, she was one of the older ladies, and keeps pushing people into place, and "shhing" people. She drives me crazy. But this is good for me, to learn how to handle people who drive me crazy.

After since the Speeding Ticket Incident, I've decided I'm going to let go off 2 in 3 things. Basically what happened on Friday was I just had to respond to an argument, which made me late to my offsite, which made me speed.

I don't have to fight every battle. I think letting go off 2/3rds of the time will help. It's a step forward. You ask me, what incidents am I talking about?

Well, I'm generally the person who speaks up when someone cuts me in line, or when something Unfair is going on in the world. The problem is, there's something Unfair constantly going on in the world. And as a result I'm speaking up a lot. I think, it's getting a bit too much for me. So I'm going to let go of 2/3rds of the thing. 

As for pushy lady from yesterday, I ignored her 2/3rds of the time, and 1/3rd of the time I told her off. (Okay, okay, so maybe the ratio need to shift) But it's improvement.

Here's photos from Bailey/Luke's e-shoot that I finally got around to processing, since I had my own wedding to do. They were crazy photogenic. I updated my photo blog. And here's a few of my favorites.






Austin Mural
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