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As Andy says: "Birthdays are a mixed bag".

The day did get better. Andy gifted me a whale tail pendant with opals that he bought in Maui after seeing me eye it. Then we went to preview our Wedding day pics! W00t! She still has to do special edits on them, but there are some really great ones in there. She did miss the ring shot, and the Tardis cardbox shot was blurry, and no final guest tree picture. But, those are easily fixed since I can take the pics myself! But she did a good job taking pics of most the guests there, and there were some great expressions caught.

After that we went to Wink's restaurant where on your birthday they give you a menu signed by all the chefs in a nice envelope ;-) The waitress brought me a candle lit dessert and wished me a year filled with culinary adventures.

We had:

Generous amounts of Black Truffle with Gruyere, Mac and Cheese
homemade fettucine with oyster mushrooms and duck egg yolk
Beef tartare with potato chips, aioli and baby arugula
Seared foie gars on blueberry pain perdu with maple syrup and quail egg
dayboat scallops with sunchokes, italian white truffle
Chocolate mouse ball in dark chocolate ginger soup with candied orange peels

It was really delicious. Wink, Uchi and Parkside are my 3 favorite fine dining restaurants in Austin.

After that we saw "How to Train your Dragon" which was fun!
Tags: andy, dining, happy
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