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Photography tastes...

So my pro photographer gave me about 1100 photos, and I've about 200 guest photos. I've been culling them down to about 200 or so of my favs. I asked my pro photographer if she mind if I edit some of the pics, she was okay with it. So it's going to take me even longer before I produce my wedding pics. Yeah. I guess I'm being a bit obsessive.

Apparently, I now have opinions about what I like.. and right now, I would think I'm in the vintage phase. Which is more like a slightly over-exposed look, with a certain color tone. It's growing more and more popular with wedding photography. I still like brightly colored pics which Andy says he associates with me (and takes less processing). But I want to explore this aesthetic more.

My pro photographer did minor edits on the 1100 pics, and then she "specially editted" 50 of them. These are two of her edits that I like. It definitely has a vintage feel. I'm keeping all the wedding proofs, so you know, in 10 years when I've a totally different aesthetic, I can re-edit them or something :-P


Hug lift!


May. 7th, 2010 06:20 am (UTC)
The topmost is gorgeous, and I agree, it does have a sort of vintage feel to it. The one on the bottom is supercute, but too overexposed for my tastes, in particular your dress looks almost like a pure-white-cutout.