ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Social Media Noise overload

One of my friends has declared that he is no longer reading Facebook feed, and any LJ which has twitter reposted to it.

I can sympathize. First of all, twitter reposts: In Facebook I hide all posts from the Twitter apps. My general policy is, if I want to read your twitter, I would have already added you on twitter. In which case you are double spamming me. And there are people I like reading LJ posts from, that I don't like to read their twitter. It's just the nature of the relationship we have. Why should I be so much more involved in your mundane details, when we never have dinner in real life together?

And LJ posts tend to be more substantive and interesting then what you had for breakfast.

There are a few people that I follow on all 3 mediums: LJ, facebook and twitter.

Right now I have 450 friends on facebook. I hide about 150 of them. I have a ruthless tendency to delete friends. I've probably deleted 200 people by now, and Andy disapproves since it's bad marketing. But I do follow my facebook feed religiously, and the people I hide and don't unfriend are generally people who's feelings I care more about. Otherwise I would just unfriend the whole hidden ones.

People really take unfriending seriously. This whole social media noise management is hard.

On a journaling note: Yesterday I went to ballet class, where I can feel my body becoming stronger. And then Andy and I saw Iron Man 2 at the drafthouse, which was fun.
Tags: meta
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