ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Half Marathon

Well, the first few miles were easy. Which seems to be a common thread among my LJ friends. I was passing people, the brisk weather cheered me up. Meditative mood.

And then I got a leg cramp. WwwaAah? I never get cramps racing. This is like my 3rd or 4th cramp in my life. I'm trying to figure out why.. and it may be the stupid hills! Also, I think from now on I need to rehydrate with the organic energy drink from whole foods. Electrolytes. Yum.

I met a grandmother (who never raced before and thought she was only doing 7 miles), her daughter, and her 7 year old granddaughter. They passed their house but the 7 year old refused to stop, "I have a goal!" Unfortunatly, she made it all the way to mile 11 and couldn't go on. I did about 8 miles of the race with the grandmother and my leg cramp. She did slow me down in the beginning, but I didn't mind for the social aspect.. and towards the end I was so exhausted it was nice to have a friend support me. Also, Andy joined me around mile 11 to give me support. My pace suffered because of the socialization and my CALF CRAMP that is still with me right now. I think I'll start training now.

10/01/06 IBM 10K (1:33:41, 15:05) challenge rank: 1004 of 1012
10/22/06 Scenic 10 Miler (2:30:49, 14:57 pace) rank: 714 of 718
11/12/06 Bison Stampede Half Marathon (3:44, 17:09 pace) rank not yet out, but expect less distance challenge runners each time.
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