ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Richmond wedding

This weekend was all about grinnellian2001 's wedding. I had a good time shooting her rehearsal dinner and rehearsal... and also enjoying her open bar!

We played board games, including with the B&G after the wedding was over, till 3 am. That was so much fun.

I shared a room and a bed with my friend Craig (he's gay, so no threat!) and a lot of our conversation stayed on weight loss. He's lost 45 lbs this year. I remember hanging out with him when we both very young and I was still in the SCA, and we would see how a majority of the SCAdians were obese, and Craig had said: "Shoot me if I ever get that fat." Well, he got pretty chubby the last few Pennsics I saw him, and I didn't say anything, neither did I shoot him. But then he was gifted Weightwatchers last Christmas, and now he's the slim, vain, Craig that I remember.

Anyways, he did inspire me though, so I'm back on a diet! Again! I took a break after my wedding, and now back to counting calories. Sigh.

Tags: body, diet, photography, wedding
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