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I didn't add any new plants this spring, our newest plant is a baby keffir lime tree we got during winter. Ideally we would've gotten a bigger one, but that was all The Great Outdoors had. The keffir lime tree is pretty important, because a lot of delicious dishes use them, and they're pretty hard to find here.

Anyways, I've been taking care of this baby tree very carefully. It's finicky, doesn't like too much water, doesn't like too much cold. Anyways, I came home and I saw this weird thing on it.

I was like.. Arrggh! ALIEN life form on my plant! That looks like a bird dropping! And squirms! I took a stick and pushed it away. It had happily nibbled on a couple of leaves though. Ate them all and neatly left the leaf stem.

I just found out that it turns into a giant swallowtail butterfly, and they looove citrus trees.  If my tree was big enough I wouldn't mind losing leaves to it since it turns into a beautiful butterfly.

On another adventure: I tried sprouting avacados from seed, even though it would take 7 years till they would bear fruit. I watched the seed slowly crack open. Then one day I found the seeds tossed around and half gnawwed at.

Arrrrgh!!! Squirrel.

And another ongoing adventure is mites. I've mites all over my peach tree. My lovely peach tree didn't fruit last year, but it is this year and I love love the fruit. But the mites are all over it and sucking out the chlorophyll. I've been carrying my jasmine, peach tree (which is not small) and keffir lime tree over to the water spout to get wash the mites off.

And those are the adventures of my little container garden. So far alive we have:
Jasmine, Peach tree, keffir lime tree, strawberry, mint, lime, orange, jalapenos.
Tags: gardening
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