ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

weekend food

This weekend involves way too much food. It started with an Indonesian party that we went to, hosted by the folks who originally owned Java Noodle. There was so much food! Andy felt very tall at that party.

Then Korea Garden for korean BBQ!

And then on Sunday Andy was hankering for some Salt Lick BBQ, and we rounded up a few people, including Tom and Asaf and some folks from LA, ballet Beth and caravaned over to Driftwood. The Pork Ribs were so good!

We rushed back to Beth's house by the lake and watched part of the fireworks and then played with her new kittens.

It's noon now, and Andy is still in bed.

I'm actually surprised we could round up people for Salt Lick since so many people were going to July 4th parties. One thing I missed most about College is the spontaneity of social events. Now it feels like we  have to make plans a week or more in advance, and there's always a chance it'll get rescheduled. I've posted on Facebook "Anyone up for dinner?" once in a while, which seems to work too.
Tags: dining, journal
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