ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Adventure weekend: wafflefest and Wii campout

Yesterday, IFE did a show at wafflefest, and it was great! The audience was huge, we had to move to the downstairs theatre, and we had a great lineup with pgraph and GGG. It was one of the best shows we've done. They pulled lights on us early at 15 mins instead of the 25 I was expecting, so we didn't get to the full deconstruction, but the audience seemed to like us, and I was enjoying the scenes too.

Then Peter and I went to Best Buy at Bee Caves, to camp out for the Wii. It was COOOLDDDD! I was cold most of the night, next time.. better campout gear!

The best part, was all the nice people. I was reminded that there are some people in life who are just really nice. Even to strangers. I sat next to a nice dad (perry swanson?) and his son (kevin). They loaned me 2 blankets, one of their chairs, and also gave me hot chocolate milk. Peter drove me to an exxon when I needed to pii, and got me macd's in the morning. Andy also stopped by with breakfast tacos.

We had a six-way mario kart game, and it was a blast. I really enjoyed hanging out with the high schoolers and assorted folks. People were so friendly, even the Bee Cave police that kept driving by.

The Best Buy was near the Backyard, so we got to hear Los Lonely Boys play "how far is heaven". And as the concert finished, people trickled by, and we got hackled. Some dude drove by, and yelled: "Xbox 360! Ha ha ha!" umm.. okay?

People kept asking us if we were standing in line for the playstation. Once I replied.. "The second shipment of the playstation." Kevin even made a sign cos he was tired of the questions. he mispelled playstation though, and got scolded by a woman who told his dad to use the time to work on his english.

We were told to roll up our stuff around 7 am. At 8 they gave us our tickets, and we trickled in at 9. I got Zelda and Red Steel, and spent double the amount of the wii after accessories. Hello. This is why the console is cheap, though to be fair, I bet the PS3 folks had to accessorize expensively too.

After a nap, I tried setting up my Wii, but had audio issues. Had to make a radio shack run. Also, my flat panel only goes up to s-video, I'll need an s-video cable to up the graphics. Longing for a component able monitor...

But now, it all works. When I saw the opening sequence of Zelda, I got the shivers. I'm excited :)
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