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Ok that was a hectic Saturday. After ballet class I had a 2.5 hour hair appointment with Ross at Orbit Salon. He is brilliant. But I could tell he was in a rush for Sat plans, and he barely talked this time, so it was a long 2.5 hours. And then the final bill was $160 for color, cut and tip. Ow.

I've been tracking my spending right now to figure out what budget I need to live on. And if Ross is really worth it, then my haircuts and color will have to drop to twice a year. I tend to always just buy whatever I want, thanks to being a corporate cog. But it boggles my mind that I make twice what I used to make 10 years ago and I still spend a lot of the money. Also the wedding took a chunk out of my savings.

After that I had an online photographers forum argument which had me sending out a BLARGH email to one guy. Apparently, you can only poke me several times, until I will blow up and tell you exactly what I think of you. This always makes me feel better. And then Andy read the email and shook his head, and was like, why. Why did you send that? 

On the good side, you know that I don't have any simmering boiling anger against you, because it generally means I will eventually tell you.

On the bad side, nobody likes being told how you really feel.

Then it was time for my ballet friend, Michelle's,Ravishing in Red party. It turns out I have 3 red dresses, and wore a fun asymmetrical number from BCBG, that had a giant zipper flower. The funny thing is that towards the end, the austin improvisors started showing up, since it was a hang-out place after Maestro, so I got see them too.
Tags: ballet, improv, money, party
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