ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Dance, Pennsic

I dragged myself to the third ballet class this week, and Orlando was subbing it. 3 classes of Orlando may be overdoing it. He constantly picks on me, which is great, because I get a lot of corrections and annoying because I just want to take class and not think.

After that went to Sara's birthday party at Phara's, it was outdoors, hot and sweaty and I tried to escape several times but the company was just too good. We did invite folks back to our house afterward to chat. That was real nice.

Somehow, it's 1.5 weeks left to Pennsic and dance camp. Time sure flies. Packing is a pain because the clothing for Pennsic (renaissance) and ballet camp (leos, tights) are not compatible. I have awesome friends loaning me a tent, airbed, pillows and blanket. But I think I still need to check-in a second luggage, which would cost me about $75 in checked-in luggage fees. Renaissance clothing are so bulky!

Oh and if you know anyone going to the airport from Pennsic, Saturday early morning, Aug 14th, let me know! I need a ride.
Tags: ballet, dance, friends, sca
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