ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Pennsic 39

Oh hai civilization!

Showers and toilets, AC and internet: I welcome you all back into my life.

I was only there from Wed to Sat, but it was enough I think for this year. I got to really hang out with my friends, cathy, myfanwy, capricia, gwommy, moiran, jay, conrad and even saw carson who let me touch her belly.

There were late nights in the dance tent, even when the dance floor was gone. The smell of dead grass in the air, and feeling old now that there are dancers who out-dance me into 5 or 6 am in the morning.

I was happily socializing with my ex, until he pissed me off royally and I was really mad (It involved a 15th century dance, how apropos), and I remembered that even though he and I had good times together, there were many times I was angry and hurt with him. That lead to me demanding an apology, him insincerely apologizing, and a story of how he and Andy's Mom interacted during my wedding. Yikes.
Apparently she asked him: "So, has she changed at all?"
him: "Well, she doesn't seem to stomp off angrily as much anymore, so Andy must have a good effect on her."
her: "She still sometimes does it, but somehow Andy manages to calm her."

I forgot how much I used to stomp off. I still do it, but not as often.

It was really hot and humid and then it got really cold, I was at the mercy of the weather.

I was pretty contemplative this year, partly because a few of the dancers left site to go contradancing in Pittsburgh, and since I was at Pennsic for so short a time, I didn't want to leave the site. So I sat by myself and listened to sounds of 10,000 people camping and talking, and living their medieval lives. Smelling campfires in the air, and feeling the breeze cool my humid body. I started Kushiel book 4 (which is a really really good series). I spent some time remembering how hard I used to try when I was younger, wishing someone would ask me to dance, waiting for someone to notice me. And now I feel old, I shake my head more when people ask me to dance, and my feet hurt more. And I don't try to be popular and liked.

It was a good war.
Tags: best of, friends, love, sca, vacation
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