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Dance Camp Day 1

We started with orientation... we have 2 people from London, 2 from Germany and 1 from Aussie this year! 

Then.. placement class. My faithful readers will know that twice I have tried to place at a higher level, and twice I've failed. But somehow, this year, I made it to 3B. I do think partly it's because a lot of the good people moved on to to the higher level, so the level of the class is lower. But I also feel stronger, and more dancey. I am more confident and stand closer to the the front.

Then I took pointe class, which is hard and painful. 

The elemental body alignment class is great. Basically, being a good and better dancer is all about alignment. If your body is properly aligned you can do bigger and greater things, like higher jumps, or higher leg extensions, more graceful movement, and most importantly: less injury and wear and tear.

The teacher was amazing. Scott Pullman would randomly just  yell things for no reason. He is definitely what you expect from a Modern teacher. Something is a bit off with him. But he is fabulous.

So following on my Pennsic contemplativeness, I've made an effort not to go to the bar tonight with the "cool" group, or whatever group it is. Last year I hung out with them a lot, and turned into an introverted person desperate to make friends and impress people, and I didn't like myself. Now I feel better, I'm slowly making other friends, and I know that people like me for who I am.

My feet are very very sore.
Tags: ballet, dancecamp, richmond, vacation
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