ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Dance camp day 2

Man, I had 6 hours of dancing today. Serious dancing too. The first class was technique, and I had jumped a level so it was much harder and there were parts I struggled with.

Then we learned variations from Bournonville's Napoli, Act 3 and our repertory is Act 2 of Giselle.

In the rep and variation, I felt very much in the middle of class, there are folks having  harder time than me in class, and others doing much better. I feel strong today during variation, very much on my standing leg on demipointe while my other leg was doing other stuff.

Anyways, at one point during repertory, the teacher said: "Stop doing 3 beats. We only need 2 beats." My partner said: "Show off!" And I said: "But there was room for 3 beats." It was a Centerstage reference, a movie that most ballet folks have seen repeatedly. But no one laughed, so I hope they didn't think I was showing off. And I thought I was doing 2 beats.

Also, I was really really hungry since we get lunch at 1 pm, after 2 classes, and I don't really eat breakfast. I had a yogurt and banana earlier and I was still starving by lunch.

In the evening we went to the dance store for some shopping and then had dinner at a Mexican place.

Tired but content. My body feels different. Wrung. Less anxious. Satisfied.
Tags: ballet, body, richmond, vacation
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