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stocks and scott pilgrim

firstly: scott pilgrim vs the world was a really enjoyable movie particularly if you played video games in the 80s. I recognized a few of the music, I think from Final Fantasy? and others. it was very very geeky movie.

----moneytalk (labeling it clearly so the rest of you not interested can ignore it)

I bought a book "Your Money or Your life", which I just started. It touched again on the whole "middle-class" thinking and "wealthy" thinking. Basically as a middle-class member, you're trained to consumed constantly. Which I will admit I do. I spend a lot of money. You make money -> consume -> make more money -> consume some more.

And the "wealthy" way of thinking is making money make more money. And eventually achieving financial independence. I have to say here, that not everyone wants financial independence. For ex: Andy is pretty happy working improv for the rest of his life. Other people like me, I'd rather have the freedom to not depend on a paycheck, and play with whatever hobbies I currently have.

So.. today in my play account, I bought several stocks, mainly the Dogs of Dow stocks. I think they could be medium to longer term stocks since they're relatively stable and have one of the highest dividend yields in the market: T (AT&T), VZ (Verizon) and PFE (Pfizer).

The only stock that I had previously was CSU: Capital Senior living which operates senior living communities.
And VFINX: This is the Index fund that conventional wisdom say you should put all your money in, since it just follows the market. I use it as a standard to measure my performance. Since I bought it at 2004, it has gone down 6.28%. Though with the dividends, I'm just ahead by $174. Though I did have to pay taxes on those dividends. So maybe I'm even now. Seriously. There is a reason I try to manage my own money.

Anyways, my 401k, which I lightly touch every several months... and took out of the market recently is mostly in bonds and cash at the moment.  Which has worked out since the Dow is down for the year, and most of my 401k available funds are in the red for the year. I am grateful for the random stranger who gave me the tactic for my 401k: Every several months, go in there, and distribute among the top 3 earners of the available funds. I also just took it out of the market because it has been zig-zagging like crazy and I don't like my retirement funds just fluctuating around.
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