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Out of bounds

So I've been watching/shooting a lot of improv this weekend. It's still on-going. It's the most improv I've been in contact with since... OOB two years ago.

Apparently my tastes have turned into "delightful" instead of intelligent, witty, technically great improv, because I was bored when shooting The Reckoning, while appreciating their good techniques like smooth transitions. A lot of people really enjoyed them though. I was also disappointed at Meastro, because it's usually my favorite show, and the energy at OOB tends to be great and supportive and wonderful and audience constantly clapping 5s and just magical. But this year,  it wasn't. I mean there are a few good moments, but one of the scenes went like this:

Santa, rummaging through gift bag: "You're Tina right?"
Girl: "No, I'm Margaret actually."
Santa:  "Oh.. ummm"
Director: "No, no, you're actually Tina."
Girl, sullenly: "Well, apparently I'm Tina."

Then more masturbation jokes.

Anyways, the shows that delighted me the most so far are The Available Cupholders and Aphasia. Those two had me laughing and I just was so delighted at them.  Aphasia was new to me, they're from Chicago, and had this insane energy that for some reason was really appealing. I loved it so much. Loved it. Argh. I want to make them tiny and put them in my pocket.

After shooting all the hideout downstairs shows last night, I started socializing with old friends, and new ones. Though the more new improv friends I make, the less troupes I can criticize ;-) (The Reckoning is okay since I don't know them personally and they're famous. And Maestro had a million people in it.)

I had a really good time socializing with them, we went to Frank's and had a hot dog and beer at 1 am. And I was like.. arrrgh. Improv social scene is terrible for my diet.

Tags: improv
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