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So. I steam-cleaned Andy's car for 2 hours on Monday, while thinking, this is the hardest physical labor I've done in a while. Sweat dripping from my forehead to the car seat. Trying to get rid of the mold smell. Then, it rains. For two days.

Yesterday while running late to my ballet class, I saw Andy calling but ignored the call. Go through a hard ballet class, and as I was leaving, I saw that Andy had called repeatedly, and there were voicemails and a text. I listened to the voicemail, and it started with:

"First of all, I'm fine."

*groan* So he got into a car accident. Over on South Congress near Hey Cupcake, some lady pulled out into his left lane, and froze when she saw him. He hit her at around 30 mph, the airbags didn't deploy.  He just bought his car a few months ago, and now it's in a shop, we're unsure if it's going to be totalled or not.

Obviously I'm glad he's fine. I freaked out because it brings a lot of "what-ifs".

I swung by the hideout anyways, even though he said he had a meeting and will get a ride. But he did say afterwards that he was glad I showed up, that it was "strangely comforting."

Andy is really my only family. Yes, I've relatives that I've barely seen, but Andy is home.
Tags: andy, love
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