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Last night started with Sara's eggciting and egglicious party where I ate ostrich eggs for the first time. They're $30 for a giant beautiful egg and yields a lot of eggs. She made omelettes and bread and mayonnaise with it. So yummy. And someone made an "egg shot" with omelette, cavier and vodka whip cream in an egg shell. So good.

We were very full when we left for Ballet Austin's Fete, which was a mistake. The party this year was amazing. This is Ballet Austin's amazing fundraiser party and they had 5 themed sections like Peter  Pan or Madam Butterfly which I think is based on previous shows. And each section has food and a drink. Free sushi. And free flowing maker's mark whiskey, tequilla, sake, gin, tito's voka, desserts from driskell and more food. Well I guess it's not free since we paid for the tickets. 

I saw my first Runway show outside of TV, it was a Carolina Herrera show. And since we were on the outskirts we made a running commentary.
Andy: "That model looks angry." 
Orlando: "No, they're just hungry." 
Me: "Those models look much skinnier and taller then you ballet dancers. " 
Orlando: "You can stop drinking now."

Afterwards they opened up the runway and we club-danced on it. So FUN.
Andy got bored, and he napped. Then groaned about how full he was. Then he disappeared and explored the Seaholm Power Plant, which is an unused powerplant the party is in. He went to the upper and lower levels which I'm sure weren't allowed. The backdrop was so cool, like you're in Mass Effect or Halo. But it's real.

When we got home my mother-in-law was already in our home, since my sister-in-law's engagement party is tonight. We spend hours catching up. She's a great lady.
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