ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

living frugally.

Let me just say, that I completely suck at living frugally at the moment.

For the month of Sept, per the "your money, your life" book, I've been tracking my purchases on an excel spreadsheet. I like that I have complete control over how I set it up, basically, the left column has all my categories, like food - lunch, food - coffeeshop, etc. Lots of food categories. And then the horizonal column is the date. And each day I fill it up. It's good because it makes me go, wtf. I spent $300 at anthropologie.

My excuse is I've been complaining that I've nothing to wear lately. And so I went to Struts, which is very cheap and had 40% off and I didn't find anything. I went to anthro, and headed straight for the sale section, and didn't find anything. In desperation, I went to the non-sale section and found 2 awesome tops and 1 lovely dress. That I couldn't resist. It is possible I couldn't find anything in the sale section since I kept trying on "large" sizes and it wasn't till I was trying the non-sale section that I tried "mediums". Apparently in anthro I'm now a "medium".

Anyways, I love those 3 items of clothing. Love it. Mine! Mine! I needed nice cloooothing!!! <--- addict.

Ok.. back to me sucking at being frugal. Andy and I are doing an experiment in October. It's a financial fast. Basically we set aside an amount of cash to be spent per person. $200 for one month. This is for eating out, having fun, work lunch, but doesn't include necessities like gas, groceries, bills, etc. We also have some store cards that we will try to use, like we have target gift cards for our wedding that we haven't used yet. (Date night at Target!). I have a starbucks, and barnes and noble card. And I am going to try to sell some of my used clothing and books on halfprice or buffalo exchange.

I am also aware that to some of you $200 is a lot of money per month. But this is the tradeoff that I am considering... having a lower income but more flexible free time. I want the freedom to take 1 month off and go travel for example. That's why I need to figure out this whole how low can I go and be happy thing.

I am actually looking forward to the financial fast. I have visions of Andy and me playing boardgames, and visiting our friends in their houses. Perhaps I am being idyllic. It is possible I would spend hours drooling at the shopping window of Anthropologie and browsing Etsy sadly. Drinking a glass of water while my friends order $10 cocktails. Mooching from my friends ;-)

But it will be good discipline.
Tags: finance, money, shopping
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