ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Pleasure and luxury

There's stuff that I really want to post here and vent or ask advice about. But I can't, because the internet is never really a private place. Even if I friend-lock it, there's so many interlacing friend circles, so who knows where it may go.

It also occurs to me that I'm probably not cut out for frugal living. We're still doing the financial fast in October.
However, in the end, I'm a hedonist. I love pleasure. Things that pleasure me makes me happy. When I sit on my Crate & Barrel sofa, it makes me happy how soft and well built it is. I love my dresses. My wonderful shoes. I love eating good food. Yesterday we went to foreign & domestic, and ate venison hearts, fried pig ears, carrot cake sundae, squid ink, scallops, lard butter, soda bread, oxtail.

I love reading books, and drinking a chai. Beaches and sailing. Going on new experiences, and kayaking down rivers, and staying at the Four Seasons, and going to Fetes and fundraisers.

I love watching dance and theatre from the front seats where I can see their expressions.

So ideally, my job income should not go below a certain level to support the pleasures I want. Sigh. What is this level for me? I think maybe 50k, that's enough for my expenses, and pleasure. It's a high figure for some, and low for others. Depends on your debts, expenses, children, etc. But I think it's a good baseline for me.

On other news, the Wall Street Journal thinks inflation has been flat for the last few years.
Tags: finance, money
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