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So the thing with starting a side business is that you spend all your time on the computer. Friday after I got home from work, I started designing for a letterpress business card, and before I knew it, I was revamping my branding, logo and watermark. Andy made me a watermark before, and he did an awesome job, but I didn't feel it was me... So I was playing around, and came up with another one that I like more. It's in my header on my webpage:
The watermark and business cards are variations of that font and heart balloons. I had to buy the font, and I drew the hearts myself. I tried looking for free vector graphics but didn't find one I like.

Andy also came to work with me on Friday, just so he can feel my commute and stuff. He worked in coffeeshops and we had lunch with the Pinons. Real fun.

I'm going to take some of the City of Austin's small business classes to figure out what all I need to do to be official. I've already started with a spreadsheet of my income and expenses. I love spreadsheets!! I really do.

I put a pricing page up on my website ,and I also have begun advertising on Craigslist. Small steps.

I also went to an Austin student improv party. Andy said I needed to represent. So people know I exist. He introduced me as "his wife", which is still pretty novel to me.

Today we went to buffalo exchange, my fav used clothing place, since Andy needed pants. I took the opportunity to sell a small bag of stuff. There was a really long line. But they did buy several of my stuff, which is silly but made me feel validated taste-wise. I also shopped for some stuff. It's hit or miss there. But today I scored a juicy couture jacket, and several dresses from french connection, free people, velvet and bgbg. Some of my favorite brands.

Now we're chilling until our Austin Restaurant Week appointment at Uchiko.
Tags: andy, business, dining, improv, shopping
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