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Andy said that to him, there was very few compelling arguments for being wealthy. But he said, this food is one of them.

It's true. So delicious.  I told him that maybe this could be my incentive for being a corporate worker. For every week, I get to go to Uchiko.

So, the spreadsheet with all my expenses? Having it all broken down have been so good for me. Guess what my major purchase is so far? Food. Yes, obviously. A lot more then my clothing, and almost as much as my mortgage. I'm eating my house each month!

Andy told me sternly: "You're going to keep the October fast right?" Yes, it's still on the plan. I guess all the $200 will go towards food. bobacita  is visiting Austin in a few weeks and wants to go to foreign and domestic, so I'll portion some for that.

Anyways, Uchiko was amazing last night. The service was impeccable. I've only been there once, but I was recognized by the host, the waitress and the server. It must be my sparkling personality ;-) J/k.  Austin Restaurant Week started yesterday. Yay!

Tags: andy, dining, food

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