ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Weekends, glorious weekends.

I spent Friday night at home, and made a concerted effort to stay away from my computer. I bawled my eyes out at the Biggest Loser premiere and had a nice hot bath.

Advance ballet on Saturday, then more chilling out.... basically all the chilling out meant I didn't spend too much money nor ate too much.

Sunday was a lingeree party at Sarrano's. I got my friend a torso/penis luge, basically it's a mold. Everyone cracked up, including the bride's mother and relatives. Phew. Everyone else just gave purple underwear.

Then we watched The Prestige. I thought Inception was much better, and I kept saying the movie was stupid, except that I'm still thinking about the movie right now. GAH.

Then we went to Uchiko, for my second austin restaurant week appointment. So lovely. We came home and both of us conked out and fell asleep at 11 pm. Early for the two of us.

I love unfiltered sake.
Tags: dining
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