ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Carmina Burana

I totally blanked out on an awesome experience last weekend. I went to Ballet Austin's performance of Carmina Burana, and it was my first time hearing the whole thing, as opposed to just the famous songs. It was so beautiful. There were times the dancing was also great, but they were eclipsed by the music mostly. There was the orchestra, the ballet dancers, and also Conspirare, about a 100 vocalists singing on stage.

After cleaning up the ballet guild gift barre, I went outside and saw Blue Lapis doing their tech rehearsal. There were out in the plaza, in the dark, and people were waaaay up on top of structures, and it was really gorgeous with light, and the smoke machine. Though the actual aerial dancing itself, I think having been to so many burner events kinda jaded me out on them. It was still cool seeing 5 people simultaneously doing aeriel silks though.

Austin is starting to cool off, and it feels really  nice to be outside at night, with the breeze blowing. I love autumn.
Tags: ballet, singing
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