ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Brown Sugar-Macadamia Cupcakes with Blackberry-Buttercream Frosting.

On Sat night I finally went to nuclear tacos night, and had the spicy taco. And I had a blister on the roof of my mouth the next day. Seriously. In the beginning I didn't feel it, and was boasting how it was not that hot. Then they started making me a hotter one. But then my mouth started burning but it was too late. I still had to take a few bites of the crazier taco. Basically this is group of computer geeks and they gather together once a month and make habenero tacos. They also find the craziest habanero ever. My tongue and the roof of my mouth went numb. It was a pretty insane experience. The next morning after nuclear tacos I experienced nuclear fallout. But it wasn't too bad :-P

Lots of Halo and photo-processing. And I did a free engagement shoot yesterday of a beautiful couple. Friday I'm shooting animalesque for free, and then Saturday I'm second shooting, working 7.5 hours for free too.

Too much free work.

On Sunday, Andy and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary. He had received gift cards last week to Manuel's, so we went there to celebrate. And then Andy made Brown Sugar Hazelnut Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream Frosting from the NYtimes. Except somehow he forgot and used macadamia nuts instead. It was freaking delicious. I esp love just the cupcake without the frosting, and I think next time we make it, we'll use a dab of nutella as the icing. Then later the night he made some crazy bacon lentil soup with Sake. My clothes still smell of bacon.

I'm still at $27 out of $200 but this week I think I'm going to let myself eat out for lunch for sanity reasons.
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