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And update on the OctoberFast, I'm at $43.50.
So the whole thing still suck on the food front. But, let's look at the upside! I was at the Wells Fargo ATM and saw my balance and I'm like. Whoa. I usually don't have that much in the checking account! Score.

Yesterday I cooked salmon, rice, brocolli with shitake mushroom, onion and garlic for dinner. (Wild Canadian Salmon was $4.99/lb at Sprouts!) My friend Daniel is visiting from Australia and we had a wonderful time talking and hanging out. I miss him.

Two of my bridesmaids are leaving Austin this year :/

I think I need to start making more friends again. This means being more social. I realized I haven't done a lot of new social friend stuff recently (except for Nuclear Tacos). I used to be far more social. My motto was and is: "90% of life is showing up." I think the reason why I've matched so many people love-wise is because my parties have overlapping social groups and I'm a social nexus!

Nexus! But lately I've been rather introverted. Time to hang out more.
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