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friends, photography gig rant

It was an extremely social weekend for me. But I'm glad I got to hang out with my old friends, and actually it didn't drain my introvert self as much as I thought it would.

Miriam stayed over two nights, and we went to the Vegan Ice-Cream party together: Sweet Ritual. Delicious ice-cream cookies!

I second shot a 6 hour wedding, beautiful bride. And I was very chill about the whole thing. I was in a stretch hummer limo for the first time ever. It was cramped. I did it for free, but it was worth it.

There were brunches at Kerby Lane, I love their blueberry pancakes, and also a free sushi dinner as a thank-you for doing photography at the Out of Bounds festival.

I did a volunteer gig on Friday night, which annoyed me on several levels:
1. They didn't tell me there was a second photographer until a few days before the event.
2. The second photographer used Flash. I would've brought my own flash if I knew it was allowed, but Flash is generally not allowed in live theater. It's distracting to the audience. They asked him if he could not use it, but he said he is "set up" that way.
3. During the show, they thanked all the volunteer performers, and even the sound guy, but the photographers were never thanked. 

When your show is over, and your after-party is over, the photographers are still downloading, editting, uploading your photos.

Anyways, I'm done with shooting that show. I think there are enough men out there who will fight over shooting a burlesque show for free, with their kit lens that can't handle dark events without  flash. </rant>

Though not much editing is going on now, it's on hold until I get my new computer.


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Oct. 18th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
I worked with a videographer one time that had an even more annoying twist on that problem. Now, usually videographers end up being annoying more often than not because their bright video lights are in the way, lighting things up in harsh, unnatural manners. I've worked with videographers who had dimmers on their video lights, and that was great, it just worked as a fill light instead of a "ZOMG HAI IM AT UR WEDDIN BLOWIN OUT UR PHOTOEZ!" But one time, there was a videographer who used *no* video lights. Okay, awesome, very not-intrusive! Except for the part where he kept turning up the lights in the ENTIRE RECEPTION HALL. Instead of dim, romantic mood lighting, he wanted a fully-lit hotel ballroom because with no video light, he couldn't see his subjects unless the room lights were up. So yeah, the fight between him and the hotel staff on whether the lights were up or down wasn't a distraction to the guests, nooooo.

This was the same guy who thought the dead center of the aisle was a perfect place to set up his video tripod. Forget trying to get a shot of the ring exchange from straight on because he's right in the way. Oh, he was quite happy to move his tripod. In the middle of the ceremony. When it distracted everyone around him. And then move it back when I was done with my long shot, once again being a distraction.

Basically, he treated the wedding like it was put on solely for him to create a video masterpiece and not like it was an event for the people actually involved. Grrr. Okay, vent over.
Oct. 18th, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah Videographers and Uncle Bobs with DSLRs can be a pain. It's really an art, handling them.

Thankfully on Sat, the videographer was very chill. He was like: Just let me know if I'm in the way. We had one Aunt Bob with a Fong diffuser and a tiny nikon. She was using flash in the church, we didn't because the the church officials were very adamant about: no flash. don't go beyond this pillar, etc.
Oct. 18th, 2010 07:35 pm (UTC)
Ah, the "advantages" to being the professional. Aunt Bob can get away with it because she doesn't care if the official says she can never come back to that church. She probably doesn't even live in the state, after all.

You know your pictures will blow all hers away, anyway. ;)
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