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Story 1:
Today as I was driving to work, the sun was still low enough to give me glare, and I drove very slow. Then this woman runs across the middle of the street in front of me, it was fine since I was really slow but I didn't even see her until she was right in front of me. Then 2 minutes later, I saw a car make a right into a bicycle, and the biker and bicycle both went down. It all happened so quickly. The car immediately stop and the guy ran out of his car towards the biker. I stopped to witness but there was another witness, and the biker looked fine though he had cuts.

Story 2:
With all the daily tracking of money (I've about $18 left in my $200), I stopped with the daily calorie tracking and weighing myself. It was too much tracking. Usually I compulsively weigh myself, and after some time of not doing that, I felt like I must have gained 8 lbs or something. I finally weighed myself today and it's been where it's mostly been before October. So yay for maintenance. It's nice to know that if I don't count calories everyday I don't immediately balloon. Since I didn't know where I was calorie wise, I would just think: "Well, I had dessert for lunch, so I should prob have a small dinner. " Instead of: "I'm at 1200 calories for the day and I have 700 more."

Story 3:
I sold my first print ever. Huzzah! Not a bride, a friend of the family it looks like.
The customer pays 16.45 for an 8x10 print ($10 for the print, rest is USPS priority mail)
Zenfolio takes the order and fulfills it through Mpix, provides customer service. And I get... $7.05 of profit. Before taxes. So after taxes I get.. $4!
Man, there's a lot of middlemen profiting from my work. I can see why other photographers charge far more for 8x10s.
Here's the proofing site I went with. They're pretty awesome so far.


Oct. 28th, 2010 08:41 pm (UTC)
Sucks for the cyclist, morning cycling especially riding into the sun can be the worst for everyone.

Congrats on the budget! I like the saying - eat breakfast as a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a peasant.

I have also heard avoid carbs at dinner, which my wife gets tired of hearing, but she surprised me the other night squash spaghetti dinner (google it) and you can make whatever you want in the mix; pretty good.