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Foodwise, it's been an epic weekend. On friday night I went with a neighbor to Uchiko, and since we're both female we got a free dish. And since I haven't been to Uchiko for a month I was like a desperate person. It was wonderful, a happy hour. After that we hung out with a new neighbor and chilled out some more. The new neighbor lives what I consider the dream life. She and her husband works for a year, and then travels for an entire year. She used to have a white picket fence but decided it didn't work for them, and they sold it.

Saturday I second shot for a 6 hour wedding. Weddings are like this celebration of life and fertility. And you go from not knowing the couple to know how much they are loved by their friends and family.

Andy and I stopped by Todd's party after that, but we were too pooped to stay long or to go to the Pink Palace party.

On Sunday, Andy hosted a BBQ for our condo, and we hung out with some neighbors. Then I walked to uchiko for a wine dinner pairing. It was pretty intense. I hadn't really planned for 2 uchiko outings in a weekend but I was on the waiting list and got on. It was epic. The dishes in Uchiko are not just good, they are amazing. All the food and wine were from the Pacific Northwest

Wild salmon roe, charred yuzu meringue
raptor ridge blanchfleur pinot blanc 2007 oregon

Coho salmon, wild huckleberries, meyer lemon, thyme -- So amazing. And the wine too
raptor ridge blanchfluer pinot blanc 2007 oregon

black trumpet mushrooms, dungeness crab, uni  -- i don't like uni but this was marvelous
seven hills columbia valley riesling 2008 washingon

dungeness crab, thai chili, sunchoke
daedalus cellars maresh vineyard riesling 2006 oregon

palette cleanser of white alba truffles on toasted rice sorbet

a surprised course of grilled coho salmon
with some white wine

sauteed hedgehog mushrooms, oregon truffle puree -- gaah so much goodness
arbor brook pinot noir heritage clones 2008 oregon

foie gras, licorice, cashew, balsamic - again i don't like licorice but this was amazing
k vinters milbrandt syrah 2008 washington

pinot noir, chardonnay, riesling sorbets
apolloni vino dulce viogner 2008 oregon and washington -- really amazing ice wine
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