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Yesterday morning started off slow and grumpily as I wasn't over my whole hiking 12 miles with a bad back thing. However, hiking through 1-month old lava was pretty cool, and it was a great experience. And then Andy's sister started talking to us, and I told her how I felt and we actually cleared the air as a group.

Andy and I started with lunch at Rapanui cafe, a New Zealand-Indonesian restaurant, and it was delicious. After that we rented kayaks with Andy's Sister and her fiance, and we drove it down to the bay where Captain's Cook monument rested. It's where he died, and then the locals saperated the meat from the bones and shared the bones around among the chiefs as a sign of respect. The British were horrified when they were presented with the bag of meat. And some went on a vengence campaign and attacked a village.

We put in about 30 mins paddle from where the monument was, and started kayaking towards it.

So in this bay, supposedly spinner dolphins come out and play with us. And our kayak vendor had told us, if you have a "calm heart", they will come to us. So we were all trying to calm our hearts, but no dolphins came to play with our kayaks. When we got near the monument, we started snorkeling.

Amazing snorkeling. I started following a particular rainbow fish, and each time he chomped at the coral for some food, I could hear "crunch". It was awesome. I stalked him for a while, and then heard Andy cry my name. I swam towards him and saw a big manta-ray! And then Andy dove down towards it, and the manta-ray avoided him. Then Andy left and I stalked the manta-ray, and it got up to my level and it was huge, it was as wide as my wingspan. And it swam like it was flying, the wings gently moving up and down. (Afterwards I found out it was not a manta-ray, it was a string-ray and it had a giant barb in it's tail which I thought was pretty, and was what klled Steve Irwin).

So then, someone cried "Dolphins!" And I saw just a flash of two dolphins entering the water. And I was so giddy with joy. I love dolphins!! We watched them for a while. Some swam underneath us, and we could see streaks of white in the water when they swam beneath us. Then one dolphin jumped in the air and did a 360 spin. And another one did as well! That's why they're called spinner dolphins! And there were a pod of them just playing around the waters.

Watching them play was just awesome. They were so agile and beautiful and when they swim out of the water to play or jump it was beautiful.

When it looked like things had calmed down, I told Andy to grab our kayak. We were in thie middle of the ocean with the other double kayak. And ours were tied to a tree far away. So Andy swam towards our kayak, and then we saw some dolphins play, and then they started chasing Andy! Then suddenly Andy was completely surrounded by dolphins and it looked amazing until his sister said: "Sometimes dolphins have been known to be aggresive towards human. It's rare." And then I started worrying about him. He was far enough away that I only saw his tiny head at times, but eventually he gave us the thumbs up and continue swimming towards the kayak. As I was waiting for the kayak, I was drifting in the ocean a little bit further from Andy's sister and suddenly I was surrounded by dolphins too! They played around me for a bit, and I saw a few jump up and down, and then they were gone. I freaking love dolphins.

There was a tourist boat in the bay, the only other group besides us there, and they started leaving, and they stole our dolphins. Apparently dolphins love playing in the wake of boats.

So we were the only people in the bay now, and we waited for the sun to set. The horizon was gray, there were rain-curtains in the distance, and the sun was a glowing orange gem slowly making its way down. When it finally set, it immediately began to rain, and we kayaked to the harbour and the guys hoisted the kayak up the car, and we got home.

Happy Thanksgiving you all! I am thankful for all the undeserved goodness in my life.
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