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We got a real live Christmas tree in our house! It makes me very happy since I haven't had a tree since I was a kid, and back then we had plastic ones. The whole house smells like pine. We haven't decorated it yet, I've a few ornaments from over the years. Andy's Mom give us an ornament each year that marks something significant in the year. So I'm happy that most of the stuff on that tree will have memories already.

Yesterday 2 of my girlfriends came over and we had much girl talk over whiskey (it was serious girl talk). And tonight I'm having guys coming over to play Sid Maier's Civilization, the board game. Which is seriously hardcore geeky. Happy.

I'm page 8 on google now.



Dec. 9th, 2010 03:24 am (UTC)
We got our first tree (also real) this year too. Everyone I've talked to waited until they had kids but I think being married may be part of it too. :)