ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

On Travel lust

So traveling makes me want to travel more. But I think after thinking of possible 2011 travel plans, I may have to just stay put in TX this December, despite having a 2 week vacation coming up. I just paid for MGM Grand hotel in Vegas, and Andy and my flight to Ithaca. Not cheap.

Current 2011 travel plans:
- WPPI Convention (wedding and portrait photographers), Las Vegas, Feb
- Cornell Reunion, Ithaca, June
- Known World Dance and Music Symposium, Indiana, July
- 2 dance camp in a row, Richmond, VA, August
- Boardgamegeek convention, Dallas, November
- Indonesia (maybe Singapore too?), December

Skipping Pennsic this year.

I would also like to do a small trip this year to either Switzerland (crash space available) or Costa Rica (cheaper then Switzerland).
I'm assuming Eivind would let me stay with him in Norway too? I have too many friends in the Bay Area. :-P

Yes, travel is a major reason why I drive a 12 year old car. Why renovate my bathroom when I can go to... Costa Rica?
Tags: vacation
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