ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

irritation confession

I posted this on a forum recently, and it's been so quiet on LJ lately anyways... so here you go:

I confess that it irritates me to no end when people say:
"You won't understand till you have children"
"You won't understand till you are married"
"You won't understand till you are in a long-term relationship"

I'm married, and I try not to say annoying shit like that to my single girlfriends. And being married is awesome, but so is being a single and a confident woman.

Being married, or having children, does not make you a happier person. You CHOOSE to be a happier person. Lots of unhappy, fucked up families. There is no one who can make you unhappier then a family member or loved one.

And another thing that irritates me, though I'll probably act like it one day: Acting like you're the first woman who's gone through pregnancy and discovering parenting truths for the first time ever.
Tags: rant
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