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Wine Choc Cheese!

Friday night Leslie, fiercecupcake , sassytater , lemonchiffon , phylomath , fleetfootedfox and me went to see Black Swan. It blew my mind. Amazing but scary.

Then Saturday was Nutcracker rehearsal and than our party! It was the 8th annual Wine, Chocolate & Cheese party and I had such a good time. I was going to change it to BBQ & Beer, but Andy said not to not mess with it. And I love how the guests outdo themselves with wonderful desserts or their fav wines or cheese. And I got to see a bunch of good friends. I forgot that many people haven't seen our wedding guest book tree, and that got a lot of compliments. I got to meet some of Andy's improv students.

My ballet teacher showed up! It made me nervous, she's actually super intimidating in class, but she was very social and interacted well with people even though she left before the other Ballet Austin dancers showed up after performing Nutcracker. My bedroom was converted into the star room, with stars projected and waving in the dark.

It was pretty fabulous. Andy made bacon mashed potatoes which was delicious. And then our amazing friends Victoria and Dan brought two large boxes of croissants from their restaurant, La Boite. So good.

There were a few group of friends that didn't show up at all and it made me sad. The Burner crowd had Santa Rampage so I was okay with that. I didn't realize the date conflicted with Santa Rampage. What I was specifically sad about was nobody from my work place showed up, even though several of them said they would. It made me think of a coworker who used to say: "I'm not here to make friends." But maybe I'm being cynical in thinking of them as conditional friends. But I was pretty hurt that no one made the effort. I feel like I'm out of step with many of the people in my workplace, maybe we have nothing in common aside from our job.

That said, we still had about 80 people show up in waves, and it was really awesome and fabulous, and I had a good time. And so did Andy. And I got to see people I haven't seen in a while. So that was great.

Sunday I volunteered at the Nutcracker Gift Barre, which was crazy. And again made me think "What Recession?" Whatever it is, it's not effecting Austin. People were clamoring to buy Nutcrackers, which I'm still unclear what you do with them.

After that I signed up for the 3M Austin Half Marathon because it has such good schwag. But also because I need a goal to exercise. Hopefully I finish that race.
Tags: exercise, friends, party
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