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photography and nutcracker

I'm officially on vacation! From my day job. I had a client meeting today, from someone who emailed me, and then didn't email me for a while so I marked her "never heard from again"... (I've a spreadsheet where I keep track of who's contacted me, and what happened.)
But then she finally got back to me and we met. I put on my being nice and charming hat (What? I've such a hat??). And it was really easy because they were a really cool awesome couple. DIY wedding, with vintage airstreams! So excited.
She said she felt she was really lucky to see my ad at 11 pm at night, and then clicked on it, and saw my work. They were so respectful about my art, and the choices that they trust me to make during the wedding. It's such an honor, and it gives me the warm fuzzies that someone like them wants me to take their wedding pics! I really, really want to do a good job with them.

I think right now, I'm really good communicating with my clients, making sure to respond to their emails immediately. Sending them personal emails and summary emails and stuff. And I hope when I get much busier in the future, each couple will still get the same amount of love and excitement.

Performed in my first Nutracker! During performances I notice sometimes my dancing is more timid and tentative because I'm afraid I will trip and fall. Need to let go more. It's a very chill and fun group, I think because TexArts is a small studio compared to Ballet Austin, there were very few cattiness going around. I lost my character shoes and someone loaned me theirs. And people helped me with my hair and make-up and stuff. I remarked to the choreographer about how nice everyone was... and then an hour later I found her crying because the only other seasoned professional in the performance criticized her choreography to other people.  :/
Tags: ballet, photography
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