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It is possible that I don't know what to do with empty days because I now have 2 photoshoots, in addition to the wedding I'm second shooting on Saturday.

But tomorrow is empty, so I must fill it! Maybe Tangled.

So Christmas started off with food poisoning. I arrived in Houston in Dec 23rd, and in the evening, my tummy started feeling queasy, and then the ab contractions and lots of communing with the toilet bowl occured. On Christmas eve I was mostly in bed and barely ate. It was totally unlike me, not eating :)

Worse food poisoning in my adult life. :(

Christmas day I got better and got in the spirit of things. Andy got me an etch-a-sketch iPad cover, and a pretty gold necklace. I got a lot of anthropology gifts since I've dessiminated to his family that it's one of the things I like. Also got some awesome artwork and Ricochet Robots. I gifted a bunch of photographs from the wedding, bamboo frames, and photo albums which was also a good way to sample perspective vendors :) And I got Andy America's Test Kitchen DVDs, Shakespeare songbook, the 4 hr workweek body book. Also most of the family got gifts from Hawaii.

It was nice. Andy's mom goes over the top in decorating the house (7 Christmas trees!) and so it was very Christmas vibe.

But I definitely did get ready to be home though. So glad to be back here in Austin.
Tags: family, vacation
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