ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Meandering towards the light

So I think, as much as I've offended people, intentionally or unintentionally, and despite being known among my friends as grumpy, blunt (and "ruthless" from a recent boardgame session), I think I must be doing something right this year, cos I've gotten quite a bit of Thank You cards.

Some were for volunteering in the dance world, but a lot of it was for photography.

*warm fuzzies*

This is so nice. With programming, I code a few lines of code in a program, and usually when released, once in a while we get praise filtered down to us, but mostly we get bugs, complaints, fix requests.

But apparently when I photograph people, it makes them send me thank you cards and jam.

If you ask me if I'm passionate about photography, I don't think I am actually. I enjoy doing it, and I think most importantly, I get into the "flow" when I work on it. Which as many happiness studies say is one of the key to happiness.

Really, the only passion I've felt strongly for is dance. But I'm too old to be a professional dancer, so I do it as a hobby, and I volunteer with the ballet austin guild, and I take community classes and do community shows, and go to Richmond for dance camp each year. I research and teach renaissance dance. And once in a while go lindy hopping, folk dancing, or gay club dancing. Dance makes me viscerally satisfied. Maybe one day if I get super rich I'll open my own studio or fund my own company or something. But for now, I'm happy with where my dancing is at.
Tags: dance, work
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