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Gaah.. The saving money to jump ship plan is not going well. The saving money part. December in general is a bad time for savings because of all the gifts, but also we're starting to scope out travel plans for next year, and I am traveling a lot as usual. But we want to do a big trip in Dec 2011, and one of the ideas is Peru. So that is not cheap. In addition I need to fund my ballet camp trip in August, and also I'm considering a wedding photography workshop in Toronto in May. I can sleep in a hostel, which would be cheap, but flying there and the workshop cost needs to be covered.

In addition, I need another camera lens. I've an 85 1.4, and a 50 1.8 that I use all the time. I need a wide angle lens. And then I need to start paying for monthly equipment and liability insurance.

Gah. Starting a business is expensive.
I've 2 booked for 2011, my goal is 20.

Anyways, yesterday Andy and I celebrated our 5 year dating anniversary. It was low key, with a trip to P Terry's, watching Tangled, and then he gave me a full body massage. Half a decade together. Who would've figured.
Tags: andy, money
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