ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Photography geek out post

So this weekend was mainly chill and quiet, though I was doing a bunch of behind the scenes photography stuff. First, I downloaded Alien Skin Software and experimented with their presets, which tries to duplicate film. It's pretty gorgeous and I love it, except for the part where it bogs down my workflow, since it integrates poorly with Lightroom. It would mean about an extra hour of work per wedding, maybe 2 hours. But it might be worth it, because I see the color tones that I love in my favorite photographers.

I think my style is developing towards a colorful vintage film look. So instead of that common faded vintage look, it's more like the colorful slide film, cross processed look.

I think I've finally found a tagline for my business: "Quirky vintage"

Also, on the business side, people were sharing how many inquiries they've had since Jan 1 in the online forum I'm on, and I have had 6 brand new, and 1 from last year. And apparently I'm kicking ass, because the #1 austin photographer on google is at 10, and several are at 2 or 1. (Then some non-Austin rockstar photographers responded and say 38 inquiries, but they're rockstars of the wedding world, so it's like comparing my software income to Bill Gates).

My target for 2011 is 20 weddings where I'm the primary. So far I've 2 booked, and 1 who verbally confirmed but no check yet. And I've a client meeting tomorrow. My booking rate for people who actually meet me are at 100% right now (but it's cos i've only met 3 brides :-P).

It's so fascinating, owning your own business.
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