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More small business talk

I've been trying to be proactive about networking with local photographers, so yesterday I met up with a guy who used to work in the same department I am now. But now he does mostly wedding videography, with some photography on the side. Afterwards he immediately offered me a destination wedding in Atlanta (he gets a lot of video gigs and tries to sell a photography package along, but he takes half the cut).

I refused the destination wedding because I wanted to get to know him more before I fly to Atlanta with him. But I did ask for close by referrals. He apparently does a lot of Indian Pentecostal weddings in Dallas. Yes, there's a giant community of Indian Pentecostals in Dallas.

Yesterday I also received 2 deposits. Which makes me at 4/20 weddings. And I scheduled another client meeting. I've 3 client meetings this week. I did a happy dance, but it was a very tired happy dance

So I like this volume, and I'm happy but it's a bit crazy. I never guessed in December last year when I was getting one or two inquiry a month, that I would be getting an inquiry almost every day, and I would be setting up so many meetings this month. In the personal life front, date nights and out-with-friends nights is getting shuffled around to make client meetings happen.

So I raised my prices again, from 1500 to 1700 for my lowest package. 

I also did a list of all the vacations, workshops, gear purchases, and stuff that I want paid before I jump ship. And it's a freaking long list. SIgh. I can see how small businesses are not profitable in the first year.
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