ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

on dieting

so i suck at dieting. though zinereem is inspiring in his ability to only eat 1000 cals a day while losing weight. i can't even stick at under 2000 cals. yes, i've a high metabolism, which i'll be happy not to screw up. i did notice that when i did lose major weight, it wasn't because i restricted food. once, was partly because i was doing ballet 4 or 5 times a week for 1.5 hours a day. and the other time it just mysteriously dropped.

hrm.. i think weight loss/gain is a combination of many mysterious factors. but since i love to eat, and not eating makes me grumpy and psychotic, i think we'll have to refocus on my exercising efforts. so far since sunday i've walked 2 hours and 40 minutes. thanks to tricking my friends to "hanging out with me". muahahah. i made them walk while enjoying my presence. and today i was dancing like crazy in my bedroom, and even did a decent turn and a half piroutte with my arms in fifth en l'air. my turns will improve if i can remember to engage my arm muscles.

i even managed to do a moving meditation. i've been wanting to meditate for a while, but i always get antsy after a few minutes... seconds even. will see if this actually helps me.

but yeah, that's my stream of consciousness for the night.

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