ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

awesome weekend

Thursday night was Andy's cooking explosion. At one point we had two of the neighbours cooking in their kitchens, then our kitchen was busy, the grill was on, and someone was deep-frying. Extremely delicious and fun.

Went to an epic knife-sharpening/cloth-swapping party at the Pink Palace, and I got a vintagey-looking size 2 wedding dress. I think I've found a model for it, and I really wanna do a trash the dress shoot with it. Probably with paint.

Then on Sunday I decided not to do the 3M half-marathon since I was so un-trained for it. When I woke up in the morning, I decided to just do a 2 miler, so I got outside with my headphones and realized that the route was nearby, so why not do the last part? So I joined the half-marathon route that was 6 blocks away, and "finished" the marathon. People were cheering me on: "Almost there!" "You can do it!" And I smiled and waved.

Crossed the finished line, grabbed my medal and free tacos and cookie. And then I walked back home. I think that was 5 miles. It was an expensive 5 mile workout (75 entry fee). I've done this race before when I only did 6 miles since I hurt my foot, and I was training for the Austin Marathon the month after, so I bowed out so I didn't injure my foot for the marathon. Which I did complete. I think I've only finished the 3M half-marathon twice, but I've registered like 4-5 times. I did finish both of the marathons I signed up for though.

Anyways, then it was the Family Dance workshop in Ballet Austin, which I had volunteered for. And that was rather boring. Then my neighbor invited us to a wine-tasting. Not boring.

And then I made ice-cream from scratch for the first time using the Thomas Keller base recipe. The custard is still cooling and I'm churning it tonight.
Tags: andy, clothes, food, photography, running
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