ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Happy Bonus Day to me!

So from this point onwards, I definitely do not give a shit what happens at work.

I'm on vacation the next two weeks! :)

And I paid off all my credit cards!
Though, sad story. I forgot about residual interest after you paid off a card, and I paid off my citicard a while back. And on a whim logged on yesterday, and there was past due by a month for a balance of $2. The residual interest. And I was so excited about having my one ding from a banana republic credit card going away soon. (Similar thing, forgot I had a $12 balance on it.) What sucks is that citicard didn't email me a reminder, and I'm used to my chase cards emailing me a reminder. Gah. And another 7 years for that to disappear.

Anyways, it figures just when I'm leaving the industry, the competition for CS majors is heating up just like bubble time. Google, Zynga, everyone is like.. hey... software engineer? Apparently more money is going to venture capitalists again, and they're desperate for good programmers.

But whatever, I get my break from the corporate world for a while, maybe I'll even rediscover my love of coding when I don't have to do stupid Agile.

Yesterday my wedding photographer took me out for sushi and drinks at Maiko, as a thank you for the offbeat bride feature. That was pretty awesome. And we had this awesomely awkward conversation: "I thought you didn't like me?" "I thought you didn't like me!" And we figured out we liked each other. Which reminds me not to give up on friendships too soon. I do though, because I feel if people don't put the effort in a relationship with me, after I've put out several feelers, then they're not that into me. Friendships are like relationships, they take time and effort to blossom. And I don't like being the one that's always initiating.

But right now I've several opening for austin friends, having been vacated by Miriam and soon-to-be Peter. So please apply! ;-)

Tags: friends, money, work
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