ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Urrgh. I'm so tired. Yesterday's wedding was perfect except for the beer a drunk bridesmaid accidentally got over my new anthro dress, camera, flash and shoes. The camera is fine. It was a very DIY and vintage wedding. They were the second "non-friend" to book me and got a really low price, and I think I did good work. They were also super nice.

I'm now up to 4 weddings that I need to deliver to clients, thankfully I am not primary shooting till mid-may. However, I do go back to work on Monday. URrrrrgh. I should probably give notice tomorrow, as my coworker told me 3 week notice is better then 2 week notice. But I keep wanting to procrastinate on that. I'm sure people are going to be like: You took all your vacation days and then you quit? Yep. I have worked here for 10 years, I refuse to feel guilty.

Here's some from the wedding.

three points ranch wedding

three points ranch wedding

three points ranch wedding
Tags: photography, work
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